Custom Challenged Coins

The Underestimated Importance of Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins become apparently employed by lots of existing formations, regardless of type and cause they belong.

Challenge coins are part of the American tradition. Its history and originality can be rooted to the race but as challenge coins started in the military.

Air warfare was a new phenomenon during World War I. When the Army created flying squadrons they were manned with volunteer pilots from every walk of civilian life. While some of the early pilots came from working class or rural backgrounds, many were wealthy college students who withdrew from classes in the middle of the year, drawn by the adventure and romance of the new form of warfare.

As the legend goes, one such student, a wealthy lieutenant, ordered small, solid-bronze medallions (or coins) struck, which he then presented to the other pilots in his squadron as mementos of their service together.

These days, beautifully created distinctive designs of challenge coins are used to welcome new members of an organization. They are also employed as an designation to be pinned on soldiers or individuals who coveted respect in defense to his/her country, as an ward to lift spirits, and as fundraiser items traded to remember jubilations and special functions.

With the previously mentioned cases, challenge coins are multipurpose. They can be used as a formal or informal recognition for an organization. It is called as informal because for some organizations, they will only be presented as proof of a membership. It does not bear any official authority. Challenge coins are akin to passwords, group signs or the answer to confidential matters. On the other hand, it also serves in boosting morale. Since they are specially designed and exclusively granted to the members only of an association, the bearer will feel the sense of pride and social recognition.

The Challenged coins that are being used as part of the military awarding ceremony for the acts of courage and loyalty represent an outstanding service or performance of the awardees. Custom challenge coins are used in these cases. They are also popular to reinforce good behaviours among company employees, members of certain groups or cause-oriented volunteers with outstanding performances.

As  custom challenge coins are now a great part of society, with numerous forms of organizations challenge coins have become more famous and commonly used now adays because of distinction it gives to the wearer.